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Pump up Your Proposals and Boost Your Win Rate

Photo: Austin Distel

Clients not jumping at your proposals? Are you spending too much time away from design work creating proposals— only to have them turned down?

You know your agency's work is spot on and the feedback you’re getting is excellent. But it can be hard to convey that to new prospects. They only see a sheet of paper containing dollar figures and not the amazing end product you have pictured so clearly in your mind's eye.

The good news is that it’s possible to increase your win rate and spend less time doing it.

At Mindwalk Business Coaching our hands-on coaching service teaches design firms how to write persuasive proposals that boost win rates.

In fact, our clients increase their win rate by an average of 32%. Imagine getting 32% more business!

If that sounds like the ticket, then this service is for you…

Pump up Your Proposals Coaching Service

Half-day face-to-face coaching service delivered in your office.

Come away with a proposal template and checklist tailored specifically to your business.

Have your first proposal reviewed so you know you’re on track.

During the coaching session, we analyze your past proposals and make a clear and thorough checklist of points for improvement. We don’t just improve your existing proposals. We teach you how to write persuasive proposals so you can do it again and again.

Picture sparking your clients' imagination using our proven product description formula— provided as part of the template. No more struggling to convey your end product, or even worse, lowering your price to get the job!

Once you learn how to write persuasive proposals you will:

· Have more dream clients come back to you with a big fat YES

· Craft better proposals forever

· Create quality proposals faster

· Submit your next proposal with confidence

“The coaching program was the best money we’ve ever spent. The new proposal template we developed with the Mindwalk coach helped us win five new web design projects at a top price.”

-Sarah Smith, Director, Whacked out Web Design

Don’t miss out on any more work. Learn how to craft proposals that reflect the quality of your design work. Schedule your free 30-minute phone call coaching session today.

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